November 25, 2009

~Tuesday's Tips & Techniques: Embellishing Buttons with Rub-ons~

Rub-ons are so much fun! They are so easy to use and have TONS of impact.

I love, love, love using buttons in my layouts. Here I used them to make a border.

In this layout, I used buttons to hide the glue dots under my acrylic pieces and I loved how it turned out.

I also love the look of stacked buttons but oooooohhh, my albums are getting FAT!

Now I am using rub-ons to really make my buttons snazzy all on their own. It is so super easy.
Rub-ons (itty bitty ones work best)
Rub-on tool

You use the same technique to apply the rub-on to the button as you do on anything else: cut out the rub-on you want to use, place it where you want it to go and use your tool of choice (a popsicle stick is my favorite) to gently rub it on while holding that rub-on paper carefully in place.

I lift the paper very slowly while still holding it down exactly in the same spot. That way, if my image didn't transfer completely, I can just put the paper back down and keep rubbing. Honestly, I almost never get it down in one try. Maybe it is my excitement at seeing the finished product, or maybe it is just my lack of patience, yep lack of patience, that is probably it ;)

Here I used a leftover rub-on. It was tiny and the only thing left of the sheet so I decided to see how it would look on a button. I love it!


    I placed these finished buttons on die-cut felt flowers. Now they are ready to go on a layout or, or

or on a card!


Tara on November 25, 2009 at 12:17 PM said...

Hey Kristie, thank you for your tutorial, it is a great way to make buttons a bit more interesting. The same thing happens to me with the old rub-ons. I am not sure why but they always mess up!! Also, loving your Autumnal blog update, the colours are beautiful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your clan. Tara

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