December 4, 2009

~Decking the TREE~

We have the tree all decorated for the Holidays. Things were a little rough at the get go. Half the lights wouldn't work. So frustrating. Jason saved the day by running down the hill to purchase a new strand and soon we were up and running.

B was just the cutest, putting his little ornaments up on the tree. This was his first year to help hang the ornaments.
If he hears the camera click, he turns and gives me a smile!

Mom got the top of the tree for us.

The boys got a little distracted but M kept on working!

~Dancing to Christmas Carols~
{Daddy worked really hard on making the tree look just right!}

And last for today. Guess what C wants for Christmas???


Tara on December 4, 2009 at 10:30 AM said...

Just wonderful Kristie, you look like you were having a lot of fun. You children are just so BEAUTIFUL. Have a fab weekend.

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