November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Portraits and Angy Birds Costumes~

Fall fun is in full swing around my house. Yesterday I carved a couple "leg" holes out of the back Jason's Jack-o-Lantern and took these fun shots of my sweet baby girl.

Here is what his Jack-o-Lantern looked like AFTER I was done, ahem, altering it. See, you can hardly see the line in the back where I plugged the pumpkin back up. You might even have to click on the photo to make it larger:)

Remember way back...her very first photo from the womb where it looked just like she was waving?

Well, she must have been because she has been waving ever since;)

Of course, the shoot didn't start out so sweet. When I first put her in the pumpkin she looked like this:
Guess I can't blame her. Cold, wet, slimy pumpkin...

As I try to do every year, I made all the Halloween costumes. Used yards and yards and yards of felt. The kids decided to be Angry Birds. The baby had to be our traditional pumpkin (the little pumpkin costume was the first costume I ever made, way back for Nikolas' first Halloween) and we decided she would look enough like the orange Angry Bird that she'd fit in. Actually I copied my design for the pumpkin costume for all the Angry Birds except the yellow bird. I got in a rhythm and cranked them all out in a day...or so.

Jason even wanted to play along!


Hope y'all had a fun day too!

April 16, 2012

Springing back to life~

I AM alive! I am enjoying the new baby soooooo much that I really can't spend a single moment without her. As a matter of fact, I NEVER leave her. I just don't want to. She is so sweet and bubbly, she smiles at everyone and she absolutely loves to be held. She laughs and twinkles her eyes at you until you just HAVE to pick her up. I don't want to spend one minute away from her so I just...don't. 

Spring has sprung around here and so fast that I had to rush out and shoot all kinds of photos! 

Ready for some cuteness?

I had so much fun hauling her all over the yard to take all these cheesy but oh-so-cute photos. Here are just a couple more;)

And then she "said" she'd had enough;)

So I grabbed the older girls:)
Recent photography lessons have me really playing with aperture, which is super FUN!

And then there was EASTER! Egg coloring is always a family favorite! Mr. Multi-Tasker proves I'm not the only baby hog around! He was just lucky to snatch her from daddy, who also tends to sit around with the baby, just because he wants to too:)

Funny story with this little guy...he started coloring his egg OUTSIDE of the dish. He just put the egg right on the table and spooned the dye over the egg! Lucky for me I saw it pretty quick so the mess was minimal;)

And the hunt was on:

 No help needed for these two girlies!!!

Or for this big boy!

But LOTS of help needed for her and plenty of it available;)

from the whole bunch

As for the scrappy side of life, not much action there but I do have 3 projects in the current issue of Scrapbooking, Cards and Stationary magazine. Mostly I have been sewing baby blankets, altering burp cloths, *thinking* about making a couple little dresses and of course snuggling the day away with my little bundle of joy. Scrapping can definitely wait;)

Happy Spring!

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