December 12, 2009

VINTAGEFEST with Jenni Bowlin!!!

 ~My finished project~

Last Saturday I was a very lucky girl. I got to attend Vintagefest with Jenni Bowlin. It was the first time I had met Jenni. She is just so friendly and LOTS of fun!

I took the Shabby Collage class where we cut out a million itty bitty squares and then dressed them up, dressed them down, inked, stamped -you get the idea. I also learned to use German glitter glass, something I had been afraid of but it's really easy and I love the look!

Jenni had the tables set up so cute and with such a nice welcome:

Jenni's friend {WOW} made these yummy cupcakes. I waited sooooo long to eat mine because it was just so pretty. Not sure if you can make it out but the frosting is sprinkled with ultra fine sparkles of some sort. Well, I ate it last week and I'm still here so it must have been edible;)

Jenni also had THE most fabulous shop set up. I wanted to stay there forever so I finally decided to take some photos so I could kinda bring it home with me. -Oh and yes, I did actually bring LOTS of it home with me, sorry honey. Here's a peek at the shop:

I just love the way she sells a vintage tape measure wrapped around a vintage photo.

One of these vintage salt shakers filled with German glitter glass came home with me.

Her displays are so cute!

I adore these old card catalogs for storage. One of my dream items~~~

She has such an incredible assortment of vintage cards!!!

Vintage trims on vintage wooden spools.
SEVERAL of these came home with me.

 Here I am with Jenni.
Next year Jenni's new farm will be finished and she plans to hold Vintagefest there. I only got to stay for half the day this year. The rest of the group went off for lunch and a trip to some antique stores before coming back to complete another fun Jenni project.  I was very sad to leave midway through the day but Jason was leaving on a business trip and we had to get that Gingerbread house up...


Tara on December 12, 2009 at 6:42 PM said...

Oh Kristie, it looks amazing. I would have loved to have gone, just a little too far for me!! I bet you were in heaven, I just lover her stuff. I love the way she puts things together. Lucky, lucky you. Can't wait to see what you make, especially with the glitter. Have a wonderful weekend.

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