December 5, 2009


I love the holidays. Many {many, many} years ago I began keeping a special Christmas scrapbook documenting all the traditions our family keeps. It started out as a double page layout for each year. After a couple years, I changed to a double page layout with side flaps to give me just a little extra space. That worked for a couple more years. The flaps got bigger and bigger so finally I gave up and went to multiple pages. I tried to keep the years visually distinct by "style." Well, let's see, as my family grew {and it did grow and grow} so did my need for pages in that album. Now it is full, bursting with the love and joy we have shared throughout many holiday seasons. This year, after seeing so many Ali Edwards inspired December Daily mini-albums around, I decided to try my own version. Someone, who shall not be named, doubts I can keep it up, keep it current, finish it before next Christmas. Do I smell a challenge? Am I current so far? You bet!

 Here are a few pages from mine so far.
I call mine a "HoliDAILY" since I start with Thanksgiving and will end with New Year's Day {promptly by January 2, 2010.}

Hidden Journaling on this one telling about B trying to blow out the Thanksgiving candles like it was his birthday all over again!

Happy Holidays!!! Off to bake some gingerbread~


Tara on December 6, 2009 at 8:21 AM said...

I've got faith in you Kristie, I know that you'll keep it up!!! It is wonderful and what a great idea doing it from Thanksgiving.

Mmm, I think I can smell your gingerbread!!

Joy-N-Jesus on December 6, 2009 at 5:35 PM said...

just stopped by your blog after finding you on scrapbook circle! your blog is so cute and your work is wonderful! blessings!

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