January 3, 2014

Happy New Year, Project Life and Back Porch Memories

Phew, that is quite a title. I guess I am worn out from the holidays, the creative titles just aren't coming to me;).
Let me begin by wishing you a very Happy New Year! We stayed up with the littles this year and so are still recovering a bit. Here they are at 11:16 New Year's Eve:

You might notice that Nikolas is missing. He left for a party earlier in the evening. 

I knew this day would come. I also knew I would never be ready for it. I must admit that I did shed a tear or two but I know I need to let him spread his wings. Still. It was our first official holiday where we did not celebrate it all together. Sigh.
Moving right along, I have some exciting news! I am guest designing over at Back Porch Memories this month. It feels so nice to dip my toe back into designing with a team again. The group over there is fantastic and I have really enjoyed getting to know them. I have a sneak peek at the Medley kit I am playing with this month:

I have been running both my Cricut and my Cameo in overdrive cutting lately. For this layout I cut feathers, arrows, leaves and corn. I used both embossing and distress ink to give the cornstalk some texture and depth. I created the cornstalk in Cricut Craft Room using the Just Because Cards cartridge. Originally it had only one ear of corn but with a couple quick clicks I gave it three. If you have a Cricut and you haven't tried CCR, I highly recommend it.
 I just love the look of autumn layouts with TONS of distressing, hence my paper edges in this layout.  I am also really loving layering these days. Perhaps I feel like my stash is large enough to indulge in it a bit;). The Medley kit from Back Porch Memories has tons of papers and is filled with all sorts of great little embellishments. I have three more layouts in progress and even a couple of cards! It you are up for a game-challenge, I am hosting Bingo at BPM this month:
Simply complete a layout including each item in any row or column and load it into the gallery at BPM. That's it. {You don't even have to use a kit} Each entry earns you a spot in the grand prize drawing at the end of the month. I'd love to have you join me. For details, come visit us on the Back Porch.
Lastly, I am giving Project Life a try this year. I have debated this undertaking for a couple of years now. I actually bought my kit in July. I thought that might be enough time for me to learn enough about how to do it, how to stay organized and especially how to stay motivated. I used a similar format for my December Daily (almost completed...) just for some practice. And now, (imagine drumroll please) my cover page:
Off and scrapping! 

In December I bought myself a sweet little weekly calendar so I could keep notes and such. You know, stay super organized so I wouldn't forget any details or lose any memorabilia... Well, I went to pull it out on Wednesday to make an entry about the bonfire we had in the backyard and would you believe it!?!?! LOST. Really? Is that how 2014 is gonna go? I just kept calm and took my dad to Target where he promptly bought me a new one. (He doesn't know about the lost one...ssshhhh).

May you have a healthy, happy and scrappy New Year!



pattyo on January 3, 2014 at 5:35 PM said...

I know how difficult it is when your child ventures out doing things without you. It's something that has be happen eventually but still is hard to let go. Your layout is awesome. I think the distressing adds a perfect touch.

Laura on January 17, 2014 at 5:00 AM said...

Love your blog and your start to project life. I have added your layouts over at the project 52 challenge at Scrapbook.com. Thanks for joining, and can't wait to see more of your pages this year. :)

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